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Freddie Mercury morte
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Vicenda Freddie Mercury morte: la celebre rockstar, vocalist dei Queen, perì per colpa dell’AIDS il 24 novembre 1991. Il suo assistente svela un retroscena.

Il grandissimo Freddie Mercury andò incontro alla morte ormai molti anni fa. Il frontman dei Queen perì dopo una lotta durata da fine anni ’80 contro l’AIDS, una malattia che ai tempi spaventava il mondo. La data del decesso fu il 24 novembre 1991 e quando la leggendaria rockstar seppe di essersi ammalato di Sindrome da immunodeficienza acquisita tenne la notizia ben nascosta al resto del mondo. Il suo assistente personale, Peter Freestone, torna a parlare della morte di Freddie Mercury in nome dei 12 anni trascorsi al suo fianco. Oltre ad un rapporto collaborativo, Freestone ha saputo anche guadagnarsi la fiducia del grande cantante, restandogli accanto anche nel giorno del trapasso. A ‘Vice’ l’uomo racconta che, circa due settimane prima di morire, Freddie Mercury si era reso conto che il suo tempo stava per finire. “Allora scelse di lasciare una dichiarazione per invitare il mondo a lottare contro l’AIDS. Era il 23 novembre 1991, il giorno prima di andarsene.

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Freddie Mercury morte, le parole del suo storico assistente

Nelle sue ultime ore sembrava rilassato, forse per la consapevolezza di non doversi più nascondere. Lui sapeva che avrebbe dovuto rilasciare quella dichiarazione. Questo per non dare l’idea di essersi nascosto”. E Freestone sembra dare l’idea che il cantante alla fine abbia deciso di arrendersi una volta fatto questo passo, e di attendere l’ineluttabile.

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💥Freddie & Yellow💥 . 💛 It’s not a awcret knowledge that Freddie’s favourite colour was yellow. . 💛 David Minns (Freddie’s first serious boyfriend) remembers Freddie’s dining room in Garden Lodge was painted “an extraordinarily intense yellow, not a usual decorator’s yellow. The color made the room light up.” . 💛 According to Peter Freestone Freddie liked “most shades of yellow and they appeared in various forms throughout the house, whether as paint on the walls, in some patterns on carpets or even in the fresh flowers, daffodils, roses or freesias, decorating different rooms.” . 💛 Other than the yellow shirts, tops, tracksuits, and jackets Freddie wore, the color if his repelling dressing gown which he wore after every Queen show was also yellow. The other members if Queen didn’t have a special favorite color for the Howells but Freddie’s was always yellow. (5th photo) . 💛 I’ve already posted about the species of rose that’s been named after Freddie and it’s no wonder that the flower is also of yellowish hue 👑 . 👉P.S. I think the fact that Freddie loved the color so much has to do with his personality type: The warm enthusiastic and energetic happy child he always was 💛 The psychology of the color also confirms that yellow is associated with “happiness, optimism, and creativity. It is also the color of high energy, enthusiasm, hope, fun, and cheerfulness.” Sound like someone we know? 💛😍👑 . #FreddieMercury #yellow

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Happy 600k my beauties 💪❤🎉 . First I wanna thank you all sweethearts for your endless positive feedback, love and support for this page and for me because if it wasn’t for your loyalty and my own devotion to Freddie I would have seriously closed this account. In case that happens someday SUBSCRIBE to our 📺YouTube channel📺 so we won’t ever lose touch (link in bio)🙏 . I also wanted to address the issue of copyrights & reposting. I love it when you guys repost my stuff using the repost app or give credits by mentioning the page on top of the caption. During the past few months I’ve seen fanpages who copy my captions & especially my caption format & style & I don’t appreciate that at all.. . I know lots of you are fans of Freddie bc of the movie and it’s ok you enjoyed the film and its music but it’s not ok to worship the movie as gospel & use it as reference (bc it’s not just a few dates they got wrong it’s almost EVERYTHING) so please please research and educate yourself on the real Freddie🙏❤ (Check my story highlights for Sources & see my recommended documentaries & books) 🙏 . Also since our fan base growing bigger & bigger (“the better 😉) & I need my peace of mind and sanity now more than ever I can’t just let ANYONE have the privilege of being in this club if he acts like he’s just here for trouble. Of course I’m talking about a minority bc this fandom is such a loving & understanding royalty of people who know exactly how to express themselves with respect and consideration even if they have a different opinion. So be careful what you comment or whose comment you like because I will turn a blind eye once or even twice but once you’re out you’re out. (I rarely block anyone btw) ✌ . I also wish I could read all your beautiful direct messages & comments & reply them but I’m only human and at this point it’s a miracle I’m posting at all so checking your comments on recent posts is all I can do now…🙏 . Thanks again for your love & support for Freddie’s fan page…may he watch over us & continue to bless us all with ecstatic happiness, inspirational motivation, and life wisdom. 💛💛💛 . Long live the great Freddie Mercury 🙌❤👑 . #FreddieMercury #fanpage

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